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UPM Raflatac expands food labeling range with four new food-safe products


UPM Raflatac is introducing four new food-safe labeling products to the European market. This will expand the company's food labeling range, providing a wider range of material options for brand owners and packaging designers. All four products meet the European Union's stringent requirements for food safety.

Synthermal Clear Plus is a high-clarity direct thermal film that provides excellent product visibility for a no-label look on food packaging. Demonstrating a clear commitment to product safety, the film is Bisphenol A (BPA) and Bisphenol S (BPS) free - taking the European Union legislation that requires thermal paper sold in Europe to be BPA free after 2 January 2020 one step further. Synthermal Clear Plus has excellent convertibility with a great deal of flexibility for process improvements at the printer.

Premium and artisanal foods need high-quality label materials that can reflect the luxury nature of the brand. At the same time, consumers and brand owners alike are increasingly looking to make more sustainable choices. To address this demand, UPM Raflatac is introducing three new textured and tactile paper face materials that highlight the quality of the products they label while also having excellent sustainability credentials. Antique Food-FSC has a finely textured finish, Fleur de Coton Food-FSC offers a natural finish, and Multiprint Food-FSC has a pleasing satin finish. All three can also be foiled or embossed when printing for a visually stunning end result.

UPM Raflatac expands food labeling range with four new food-safe products

The three paper face materials are all FSC(TM) certified, guaranteeing that the wood raw material originates from sustainably managed forests. As with Synthermal Clear Plus, food safety has been paramount in their development and all three comply with the latest EU food safety regulations.

"Food safety is the most important attribute of all the products included in our wide range of materials for food labeling applications. We hear the industry demand for more product options to help with brand recognition and differentiation, and these four new products are just the start. We will continue to expand our range to meet the demands of the industry, with a focus on product safety, anticipating regulatory changes, and sustainability in particular," explains Jouni Iiskola, Segment Manager, UPM Raflatac EMEIA.

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