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MULTIVAC will exhibit at Anuga FoodTec 2024 their solutions for the food industry

  • Publicado el 29 de Diciembre de 2023

Exhibiting at Anuga FoodTec 2024 under the motto “Multiply Your Value“, the MULTIVAC Group will be presenting its wide range of innovative processing and packaging solutions for the food sector. The focus will be on its comprehensive slicing range and integrated lines, which contribute significantly to making production processes very efficient and resource-saving thanks to their high level of automation and digitalisation. Visitors will find the MULTIVAC Group in Hall 8.1 (Stand C10), as well as in a marquee on the open-air site, where the processing machines will be shown in live operation.

MULTIVAC will exhibit at Anuga FoodTec 2024 their solutions for the food industry

Showing a fully automated, high performance line for slicing and packaging sausage and cheese slices, MULTIVAC will be presenting itself as a supplier of complete solutions – from processing through to end-of-line. The MULTIVAC Line Control (MLC) throughout the entire line enables all the process stages to be operated very efficiently from one central point – from slicing through to loading into the thermoforming packaging machine and subsequent converging of the packs, and right up to inspection, labelling and container loading. Recipe changes "on the fly" will be demonstrated at the trade fair, which significantly reduce start-up losses during product changes, and this therefore saves resources and production costs.

When it comes to slicing and packaging small to medium-sized batches, a flowpack line will be on show at the trade fair, and this consists of a new entry-level slicer and the universal W 510 flowpacker, which is characterised by its ease of operation and cleaning. The line at the trade fair will feature cheese slices being packed.

For those visitors interested in the cost-effective portioning and packaging of fresh meat, a thermoforming packaging line will be shown, which offers a very high level of flexibility, small give-away and low packaging costs. The heart of the line is a new high-output portioning machine from TVI, of which the main features are maximum product yield, the finest cutting quality and weight precision, together with a new type of weight sorting system for equal portions with the smallest give-away.

The compact R3 thermoforming packaging machine is used for packing the portions, and this machine can also run recyclable and environmentally-friendly mono materials very efficiently, as well as being capable of being designed to customers' individual requirements thanks to its modular construction. The line is also equipped with a new cross web labeller for compact thermoforming packaging machines, which offers a high level of efficiency at low investment cost. All the process stages – portioning, infeeding, packing and labelling – can be controlled via the central MLC line control.

When it comes to traysealing, MULTIVAC will be presenting a line for packing ready meals, which offers outstanding performance with exceptionally efficient use of the available production space. A full wrap label, which encloses all four sides of the pack like a sleeve, ensures that the packs are labelled attractively.

In addition to this, MULTIVAC will also be giving an insight at the trade fair into its wide range of compact solutions for the food industry. A number of different packs, including skin, MAP and stretch, will be demonstrated on a range of compact traysealers. And when it comes to packing fruit and vegetables, an innovative concept called Top Close labelling will be shown, which enables fresh produce trays to be sealed closed with a label in a very resource-saving way.

Thanks to its more powerful drive system, the ROLLFIX prime dough sheeter from FRITSCH can take portions of dough weighing up to about 20 kilograms. A double spindle on the delivery roller provides even greater power, and with its selectable infeed speed it enables a greater degree of flat rolling to be achieved. The intuitive control concept makes the operation of the machine exceptionally easy. The sheeting programs can be created quickly and easily, and they are saved very transparently with the corresponding product image and name in the machine's memory. The stainless steel construction not only provides a high level of mechanical sturdiness and therefore a longer lifespan, it also contributes to the machine's outstanding hygiene features. Fresh products will be baked daily in an open bakery.

In addition to this, the MULTIVAC Cooling@Packing System, a vacuum application for cooling bakery products, which can be integrated into thermoforming packaging machines, and enables sensitive bakery products to be packed without any loss of quality, will also be shown in Cologne. By packing the product immediately after baking, a higher level of freshness and longer shelf life can be achieved. Energy costs for product cooling can also be saved, and shorter baking time means that production capacity can be increased. And last but not least, one of the many features of this solution is the reduced space requirement in bakeries.

Another exhibition area in a marquee on the open-air site (in front of Hall 8.1) is dedicated by the MULTIVAC Group to the portioning of fresh meat and the slicing of processed meats and cheese. There machines will be shown in live operation, including various portioning machines of the GMS series, which produce trim-free portioning thanks to their 3D forming, as well as MULTIVAC slicers in different output categories.

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