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24 de Septiembre de 2021

Heidelberg is one of Germany's best training companies

Vocational training at Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) is among the best in the whole of Germany. The daily newspaper "Die Welt" published the results of the evaluation at the end of August. ...

22 de Septiembre de 2021

Gallus Labelmaster comes with new features

The Gallus Labelmaster is now being delivered with extensive new and optimised features. The new operating concept not only ensures greater user convenience for the machine operator, but also less waste ...

21 de Septiembre de 2021

Print with confidence with the new Xaar Irix printhead

Leading inkjet printing technology group Xaar has launched its latest printhead – the Xaar Irix – designed to ensure accurate, reliable and easy printing for coding and marking, product printing, ...

21 de Septiembre de 2021

ABG launches enhanced DigiLase 4.0

Adapting to changing customer preferences, leading finishing equipment manufacturer, A B Graphic International (ABG) has launched the next evolution of its highly popular DigiLase 4.0 digital laser cutting ...

17 de Septiembre de 2021

Sustainable zipper sealing

At FachPack from 28 to 30 September in Nuremberg, Herrmann Ultraschall will be presenting the Zipper Seal Module ZSM, a modular system for continuously sealing zippers in plastic pouches, even those made ...

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