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Roto4All, the webinar on rotogravure gets over 560 subscribers

  • Publicado el 15 de Mayo de 2020

More than 560 subscribers, a third of them international. The Roto4All webinar, the first streaming event entirely dedicated to rotogravure, closes with very positive numbers. An event created by the Italian Rotogravure Group by Acimga, the confindustrial association that represents all printing technologies (roto, flexo, off-set and digital) and converting on all materials (paper, polycoupled and plastic) for applications on flexible, labels, corrugated cardboard, cardboard, tissue and aluminum. The Italian Rotogravure Group is the first group of a series of additional ones that Acimga is preparing on the different technologies and applications of the printing and packaging industry.

Opening and taking on the lead of the event, Matteo Bordone, journalist and radio speaker, who recalled how, in filmography, the rotogravure machine has always represented the iconic press’s idea. A technology that has entered, therefore, in the collective imagination, but that has not always been properly advertised and valued by insiders.

Roto4All, the webinar on rotogravure gets over 560 subscribers

This need for a better communication of such an Italian excellence saw the launch of the Italian Rotogravure Group by Acimga, as explained by the coordinator of the group Gianmatteo Maggioni, who also illustrated some of the initiatives that have already been taken out, such as the issue of a manual on rotogravure, the organization of dedicated training courses on this printing technology, as well as the designation of an Italian representative at ISO (International Organization for Standardization).

Andrea Briganti, General Manager of Acimga and Federazione carta Grafica, explained the role of the association as a promoter of all printing technologies, also showing that Italy is among the top 3 nations with regards to the production of rotogravure technology (along with Germany and China), with about 60 million dollars worth of production in 2019. Enzo Baglieri, Professor of Operations and Technology Management at Bocconi’s University, gave a speech which focused on the Total Cost of Ownership of rotogravure.

This specific tool was born as a way to understand what the real cost of such technology is, not only based on the initial purchasing price (which in the case of mechanical engeneering can be very high and therefore discourage investment and induce competition based exclusevely on price), but taking into account a whole range of factors. A rotogravure machine, explained Professor Baglieri, costs on average 2.5 million euros. However, this technology has a 20-year life cycle, so in order to understand the true costs you have to spread the price over a twenty-year period.

Closing the webinar Elisabetta Bottazzoli, Sustainability and Circular Economy Manager, who illustrated some of the standards from the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), which help measure the sustainability of a company by identifying aspects of its business that have the most significant impacts on stakeholders (local communities, employees, environment).

The webinar has provided short content previews of the themes that will be analyzed deeply in Florence, on October 23rd, when the Roto4All event will take place, with the addition of roundtable duscussions between printers and brandowners.

"The large number of subscribers to the webinar and especially the international origin of a third of the audience makes us understand how Italy is globally recognized as an excellence in printing and packaging technologies - explains Acimga’s General Manager Andrea Briganti -. Our association will continue to give value to this strong experience to all our stakeholders, both in Itlay and internationally. It’s a heritage that, especially at this stage, must be properly communicated and used for the benefit of all the companies in the supply chain, for a strong and stable recovery, focused on the strengths of our production and technology".

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